Export sales

Even though Nøgne Ø was started to supply southern Norway with quality craft beer, the export market has been essential to the survival of Nøgne Ø. Norway has been a little behind many other countries when it comes to accepting different beer styles, though they are now catching up very, very quickly.

But that means if you live outside of Norway it is most likely that you can find Nøgne Ø in your country.. Below you will find a list of countries where Nøgne Ø is sold.  Importers should be able to put you in contact with a retailer or bar/restaurant where you can taste some great craft beer from Nøgne Ø. 

Please feel free to contact us directly if you are not able to reach anyone using the contact phone numbers or email addresses and we’ll help you find Nøgne Ø in your area.

Another way to find Nøgne Ø is to find great craft beer retailers and bars in your area. Follow the links below to two fantastic beer websites, ratebeer.com and beeradvocate.com. They both have areas that will help you get in contact with places to find craft beer:
Beer Advocate

Export countries


Nøgne Ø is proud to announce a partnership in Australia starting in 2011! We are imported now by Phoenix Beers based in Perth. Distribution is available all over Australia. If you are a bar, restaurant or beer store please contact Phoenix to find out how to get delivery of Nøgne Ø in your area. If you are a beer enthusiast please contact Phoenix to find out where you can get your hands on some Nøgne Ø where you live.

Imported by:

Phoenix Beers
Email: sales@phoenixbeers.com.au
Telephone:  +(08) 9275 0955



Imported by:

Email: ck@bierfracht.at
Telephone: +(43) 2682 21672



Imported by:

Etre Gourmet SPRL /B2B
Email: sales@etregourmet.com
Telephone: +(32) 10 600 171

De Caigny N.L. 
Email:  decaignyyves@gmail.com 
Telephone: +(32) 3 667 71 71

Bierhalle Deconinck
Telephone:  +(32) 056 77 98 95

Imported by:

Beer Bastard Ltd




Imported by:

Cerveja Tupiniquim
Email:  contato@cervejatupiniquim.com.br
Telephone: +(55) 9145 7768

Shanghai LoveChocolate International Trading Co. Ltd
Tel: 0086-021-58993857
Email. david@chocolism.com


Holland Naking B.V
Tel: + 31 685 002421
Email: lydiawang@hollandnk.nl




Since the mainland  China is a big nation with different and vast regions, we have decided to appoint 2 importers in  their designated market regions  the followings  (1) Shanghai LoveChocolate Intl Trading Co. Ltd  focusing on the east and southern region and  (2) Holland Naking B.V. based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands)   focusing on the middle and western region.


In Canada Nøgne Ø has distribution in several provinces through a few different importers. Please contact these companies directly to find out how you can order Nøgne Ø or find us at a store or bar/restaurant near you.

Imported by:

Craft Beer Importers (British Columbia, Edmonton and Alberta)
Email: info[at]craftbeerimports.ca
Telephone: +(1)-877-519-9955

Roland + Russel (Ontario)
Email: sales@rolandandrussell.com
Telephone: +(1)-416-801-9885

Bieropholie (Quebec)
Web: http://www.bieropholie.com/



Imported by:

Z-Media s.r.o.
Email: heckfy@gmail.com
Telephone: +(420) 776827068


Denmark was the first country to which Nøgne Ø was exported, back in 2004. In 2010 Nøgne Ø started a new relationship with Beer Factory to take over distribution of Nøgne Ø in bottles all over Denmark. At the same time Mikkeller, the well-known brewer and good friend of Nøgne Ø, began importing our draft beer to sell along with his great selection of beers. Recently we have sold our beers in Denmark through Premium Beer Import. Please contact these great beer guys to find a place where you can find Nøgne Ø in your area of Denmark. 

Imported by:

Premium Beer Import A/S
Email: premium@premiumbeer.dk
Telephone: +(45) 75 24 17 00



Imported by:

The Cellar OU
Email: info@thecellar.ee
Telephone: +(393) 402934224


Finland has been a very important export country for Nøgne Ø for many years now. Please contact Servaali OY for more information on our beers in Finland

Imported by:

Servaali OY

Telephone: +(358) 09-45 42 350



Imported by:

Email: contact@interdrinks.fr
Telephone: +(33) 320 829 312

I.B.B. (International Beers & Beverages) 
Email: ibb@ibb.fr
Telephone: +(33) 321 200 500



Imported by:

Rudat GmbH
Email: c.rudat@rudat-gmbh.de
Telephone: +(49) 0231 - 656677



Imported by:

MACA Gentian & Co



Imported by:

Hop Leaf
Email: jeff@hopleaf.hk
Telephone: +(852) 9199 3168



Imported by:

Globus H.F
Email: adalbjorg@globus.is 
Telephone: +(354) 522 2500


Nøgne Ø is proud to announce that we have begun a relationship with Fourcorners to bring our great beers to Ireland! Follow our link to their website to sign-up for their Ezine so you can get information about in-store beer tastings and new beer releases.

Imported by: 

Email: info@fourcorners.ie
Telephone: 01 4952008



Imported by: 

Ales & Co srl
Telephone: +(39 0532-848705


Nøgne Ø beer has been available in Japan for several years now and can be found in select bars around the country. Please contact Whisk-e Ltd to find a bar or store where you can find Nøgne Ø in Japan. 

Imported by: 

Whisk-e Ltd
Email: mike@whisk-e.co.jp
Telephone: +(81) 338 631 501



Imported by: 

Alus Pirkliai Ltd
Email: hello@alauspirkliai.lt
Telephone: +(370) 614 44144



Imported by: 

Taps Beer Bar
Email: mili.lim@tapsbeerbar.my
Telephone: +(60) 1662 75913



Imported by: 

Maltad Beers S De Rl De Cv
Email: mr.corner@maltad.com
Telephone: +(52) 1555 535 6752



Imported by: 

Brouwerij de molen
Email: info@brouwerijdemolen.
Telephone: +(31) 0172 610826

Multi Bier Asten BV
Email: info@multibier.nl
Telephone: 0493-689383


One of the first importers to actually visit Nøgne Ø in Grimstad came from about as far away on the globe as is possible! Dominic Kelley, proprietor at Hashigo Zake, came all the way from Wellington to visit the brewery. It is a long way for beer to travel to New Zealand, but we are impressed that Dominic has been able to find refrigerated transport for the pallets we have sent to him. We know he is serious about beer. Check out the photos from his “Cult Beer Bar” on his website, looks awesome.

Hashigo Zake sells Nøgne Ø in their “Cult Beer Store” and also sells wholesale. So, if you are a retailer, bar or a craft beer drinker please contact Hashigo Zake to find out how to get Nøgne Ø in your area.

Imported by: 

Hashigo Zake Ltd
Email: info@hashigozake.co.nz
Telephone: +(64) 4 384 7300



Imported by: 

Zofmar Bis s.r.
Email: zofmarbis@op.pl
Telephone: +(48) 6427 44863

Nøgne Ø on Key Keg:

Excellent Beers
Email: excellentbeers@gmail.com
Telephone: +(48) 6070 77517



Imported by: 




Imported by: 

Betrade ltd.
Email: info@moravabeer.ru
Telephone: +(7) 495 989 7741





Imported by: 




Imported by: 

ArtSolution s.r.o. 
Email: brunai@artsolution.sk
Telehone: +(421) 905 742 529



Imported by:

London Ale & Co
Email: maximusbumsoo@fullers.co.kr



Imported by:

Condal Chef
Email: frank@grupgalvez.com
Telephone: +(34) 93 653 14 20


In Sweden Nøgne Ø has been represented by Brill & Co since 2005. Brill sells Nøgne Ø to the pub and restaurant market and to the Swedish retail monopoly Systembolaget. 

Imported by:

Brill & Co
Email: info@brill.se
Telephone: +(46) 8 660 69 20



Imported by:

Amstein SA, Z.I. 
Email: info@amstein.ch
Telephone: +(41) 21 943 5181



Imported by:

Kwang Hung International Co. Ltd
Email: sh641117@gmail.com
Telephone: +(886) 975393009



Imported by:

Beervana Trading Ltd
Email: aaron@seekbeervana.com
Telephone:  +(66) 80 773 2079



Imported by:

Wine Bureau LLC
Email: rudenko.a@goodwine.ua
Telephone: +(38) 044 390 75 00


Finally Nøgne Ø will be consistently available in the United Kingdom! Starting in the summer of 2011 Nøgne Ø is being imported by James Clay, based in West Yorkshire. James Clay does not sell to the public, but please follow the link to contact them and find a pub or off-license in your area that is selling Nøgne Ø.  If you are a pub or off-license operator please contact James Clay to find a distributor in your area where you can get some Nøgne Ø for your business!

Imported by:

James Clay 
Email: info@jamesclay.co.uk
Telephone:  +(44) 1422 377 560


The United States is our largest export market. Nøgne Ø has been working with Shelton Brothers since they first imported our beer in 2005. Shelton Brothers sell the beers they import from many, many great small breweries around the world to distributors in almost every state. Follow the link below to the Shelton Brothers website. There you can click on your state on the map and find the distributor in your area. Give them a call and they should help you find a retailer or bar in your area where you can buy Nøgne Ø. Most places that sell Nøgne Ø do not have our full range of beers since the selection is so wide. If you are looking for a specific beer ask about a place to find that beer.

Imported by:

Shelton Brothers
Email: info@sheltonbrothers.com
Telephone: +(1) 413 323 7790