Visit Nøgne Ø


Next time you're in Grimstad, Norway, come visit Nøgne Ø.  You'll learn about our history - where we started and where we're going, Experience the entire brewing process, from start to finish, Taste the special malts used to brew Nøgne Ø beers and smell the excellent hops we use for flavouring. We aim to make our presentations and tastings as vivid and informative as possible. Guided tours will be held in Norwegian, or English upon request at the start of the tour.
Tours are arranged daily in the summer. Approximately 1 hour guided tour of the brewery with 4 beer samples. Brewery pub and shop will be open after the tour. 

Please contact Ronny Sandberg for all information on events, visits and guided tours. Tel: +47 903 69 373 or email: