Sake Sommelier Course

“The Certified Sake Sommelier Course is an intense course that both challenges the mind and taste buds. Over a short period of time, this course offers a complete and detailed overview of Japanese sake. Participants first go through its historical cornerstones before going through manufacturing procedures and practical information regarding the serving of this drink. Offering a wide variety of sake from different categories – some of which can only be found in Japan – the organizers of this course really outdo themselves! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone curious about sake. New insights are easily formed making the whole experience very valuable, even for those who have had sake before.”

Graduate of the Certified Sake Sommelier Course Feb 2017, Oslo Norway
Top of the class

Once certifed as a Sake Sommelier, you will have the priviliege of participating as a judge in London Sake Challenge which is held annualy at prestegious wine room of Harrods Department Store.

Join the next Sake Sommelier Course! This 24 – 26th April 2017. For more information, please contact the course organizer:  
Kaori Ishii at or visit

Kaori Ishii is a certified Sake Educator and Sake Expert Assessor (authorized by the National Research Institute of Brewing).