Beer and food

Why is it that people are stuck to wine when it comes to pairing food with suitable liquid? We really like to present our beers together with food in a way that brings up good and exiting companionships. This is why we have decided to bring in this as an independent issue in our website.

What is in general a brewer's most important quality? A rather complex and difficult question you would say?

Anyway, we had to ask ourselves this question when we came to the point in our development where we needed to employ our first «external» brewer.

Within modern industrial brewing it seems like knowledge of process and economy are weighted rather heavy.

We are not industrial brewers, we are craft brewers, and our plain answer to the question we asked our self was «taste».

What really matters at last is the flavor and taste our beers are associated with. 
The result of our search for a new brewer was an educated and experienced gourmet-chef. He changed truffles and foie gras with malt and hops. 

Craft brewing is all about taste - and the ultimate experience is pairing food with suitable liquid - to us this is real ales.