Yamahai Genshu Muroka Shiboritate Nama Junmai-shu/ YAMAHI MOTOSHIBORI

«Moto», also known as «Shubo» is the yeast starter in the Sake brewing process. It is a mixture of koji and water and provides an extremely rich environment for yeast cells. It's one of the first of many painstaking steps in the difficult process of sake brewing. The Toji decided to make a batch of Sake entirely composed of this «Mother of Sake» to bring to the forefront all the splendid Yamahai flavours and aromas and to give the enthusiast a chance to taste the heart of the Sake. Yellow flowers, cedar wood, citrus, rhubarb and apple are prominent in the nose. Concentrated umami, a very high but mellow acidity, and a lingering kire (Sake Tail) are balanced in the flavour profile. 
Should be stored cold! 

Yamahai Motoshibori  Bottle size: 350 ml Batch size: 300 kg rice Rice milling rate: 70% Rice types: 100% Ginpu Moto technique: Yamahai Yeast: Naturally occuring San do: 6.3 Amino-san: 4.3 Nihonshu-do: -4 Alc/vol: 19% Filtering: noPasteurized: no












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