For about two years now, we have worked on making our beers available on draft. This has proved to be quite a challenge, partly because most bars and restaurants do not own their own beer dispensing system. As such we have to install our own systems. And surely we have our own and unique design with our signature tower, which is manufactured locally of course.

Should you ever be in Norway and want to try our beers on tap, you can go to the following places.



Nøgne Ø sake is yet not available in many countries outside Norway and some of you may want to find Nøgne Ø sake when you are visiting our beautiful country. The Vinmonopolet special stores, Vika in Oslo and Valkendorfsgate in Bergen, have unpasteurized sake as well as pasteurized sake. All Vinmonopolet stores can order the pasteurized sake as it is available from our distributor. Some of them would have it on the shelf.

We have some restaurants in Oslo selling our sake. Please see the list to the right for more details.



Even though Nøgne Ø was started to supply southern Norway with quality craft beer, the export market has been essential to the survival of Nøgne Ø. Norway has been a little behind some other countries when it comes to accepting different beer styles, though they are now catching up very, very quickly.

But that means if you live outside of Norway it is likely you can find Nøgne Ø in your country or when you are out traveling. You will find a list of countries where Nøgne Ø is sold below. Click on the country and you will find out information about the importer there and how to contact them. Importers should be able to put you in contact with a retailer or bar/restaurant where you can taste some great craft beer from Nøgne Ø. 

Please feel free to contact us directly if you are not able to reach anyone using the contact phone numbers or email addresses and we’ll help you find Nøgne Ø in your area.

Another way to find Nøgne Ø is to find great craft beer retailers and bars in your area. Follow the links below to two fantastic beer websites, ratebeer.com and beeradvocate.com. They both have areas that will help you get in contact with places to find craft beer. Also look for local beer websites they are often even more up to date on what is available in your area.





Thanks for your interest in Nøgne Ø!