The name of the brewery - Nøgne Ø: The name derives from the first two lines of the famous poem Terje Vigen by Henrik Ibsen. The background of the poem is the English blockade of Norway in 1809 during the Napoleonic Wars. A family is starving because of the blockade, and the husband and father (Terje Vigen) tries to run the blockade by rowing to Denmark to smuggle food back home. The poems starts;

«There lived a remarkably grizzled man on the uttermost barren isle».

In the ancient-styled language in which the poem is written, «barren isle» comes out as «nøgne ø».

So why did we end up chosing the name? Well, the brewery is situated in the actual town (Grimstad) where Henrik Ibsen lived when he wrote the poem. If you make a trip to the local graveyard you will find Terje Vigens' gravestone. What Terje Vigen did when he decided to cross the rough sea was against all odds. Starting a brewery in 2002 offering the pretty conservative norwegian beer-marked uncompromising real ale can also be desribed as «against all odds». We admire the courage and positive energy Terje Vigen posessed, and decided to bring some of this with us by giving the brewery its name «Nøgne Ø».