Europe’s First Sake Brewery

Nøgne Ø - Det Kompromissløse Bryggeri (The Uncompromising Brewery) brews Sake with character and integrity. All the Sakes are Yamahai and are made with Ginpu rice from Hokkaido. The Japanese characters read "hadaka jima” or “Naked Island” from the Nowegian “Nøgne Ø”.

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With the same level of passion that led to the Nøgne Ø beers, Toji Kjetil Jikiun is now offering Sake from Europe’s first Sake brewery. His approach has been to make bold, rich, flavourful Sakes. To this end he has chosen to make all the Sakes using the older, more traditional Yamahai method. This is a much more labor intensive and demanding process but leads to more complex and unique flavours in the final product. Other noteworthy brewing choices are the use of Ginpu rice from Hokkaido, a naturally occurring yeast for one of the products, and another product made entirely from the Yamahai moto. In addition, four of the five products currently offered are Nama, again to offer the full complement of rich flavours and aromas from the Sake.

The Sake Process

THE SAKE PROCESS sakeprocess

Sake is a result of a brewing process that uses rice and lots of water.
In fact, water comprises as much as 80% of the final product, so fine water and fine rice are natural prerequisites if one hopes to brew great sake.

But beyond that, the technical skill needed to pull this all off lies with 

the toji (head brewers), the type of yeast they use, and the limitations 
entailed by local land and weather conditions.