DARK HORIZON 4. edition 36ºP, 100 IBU, 16% alc/vol

There is so much fun involved in creating Dark Horizon. Once it ferments, evereyone in the brewery are very enthusiastic and pay close attention. Is the yeast still active? Is everything OK? How does the flavours evolve? Dark Horizon is normally dark and velvety. Muscovado sugars provides good fruity aromas. The coffee is a chapter on its own. The green beans will first be treated alfa amylase, an enzyme that we brewers enjoy working with. Then we mash the green beans before drying and roasting them. This gives it the unique flavor of Dark Horizon deserves. Share Dark Horizon with someone you think deserves it.

Ingredients: Grimstad water, malted barley, sugars, coffee, hops, yeast. 

Batch nr.:  857/858 • Brewed:  22.08.12 • Best before: 22.08.22

DH4 bottle and box

DH4 bottle and box