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More or less 98% of the beer marked in Norway consists of light, filtered and pasteurized lager-beers. Lagers can be good, but for us diversity is important and one of the main reasons why we in the first place decided to start Nøgne Ø. Due to this we have decided to only stick to top-fermented and bottle conditioned beers.

We prefer beers to be complex, fruity and full bodied and making real ale is for us the right method to make such beers. Help yourself and read more about our different styles of beers from the right menu.

We at Nøgne Ø make «living beer» as some prefer to call it. When we refer to ale we mean beer brewed from malt with top-fermenting brewer's yeast that ferments rather quickly on high temperatures. This usually makes the beer complex, fruity and full bodied. We do not filter our beers, but it is fermented the second time in the bottle from which it is served.

 Filtered beer tends to have a relatively short shelf life, rarely more than a year, as many compounds in the sterile beverage break down into unpleasant tasting ones. Live yeast inside the bottle acts against these processes, giving the beverage a much longer shelf life. A good live ale can maintain its drinkability for many years, and some can be aged for decades.




Nøgne Ø are Green dot member (Grønt punkt Norge). Grøntpunkt




The brewing process

the brewing process

Our brewing process consists of 14 key components

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Beer and Food



 Why is it that people are stuck to wine when it comes to pairing food with suitable liquid?

We really like to present our beers together with food in a way that brings up good and exiting companionships.